Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Open Letter to My FMSD Brothers

Now that I'm finally stepping down, and taking a sabbatical after almost 33 years as a community leader, I have a request:

Trust the guys who are the new community leaders, as you would trust me.

All of them.  I do.

I've gotten to know them well, and I vouch for their excellent character, without reservation.

Here are just a few, with more rising among us as time goes by.

Always give them the benefit of the doubt, no matter what.  It's HARD to be active and visible sometimes.

If you have something good to share as feedback, be generous, and share it.  "If it's true, necessary, and kind, say it right away".

If you have some negative feedback, try to convey it in the form of helpful, loving advice, as a true friend would do.

It's too easy for us to as humans to mistrust motivations, to expect others to share OUR motivations, and then mislabel other people's intentions as a result.  This never works out for the best.

We've lost too many idealistic leaders over the decades, when they find it hard to gain people's attention and support.  Let's all make it easy for the men among us who have the hearts of lions beating in their chests.

There is no strength in sitting back and complaining, so when somebody is ready to step up, get busy and make a positive difference, it's deeply admirable and respectable. Let's all stand shoulder to shoulder so that they can stand on OUR shoulders!

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