Sunday, January 14, 2018

Video Review of the "Thumper" Flogger; with Demos

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Papa Tony:

See the YouTube Video Demo and Review Here

To learn how to be a high-quality, popular flogging Top, go here.

I review kinky toys periodically.  Mostly, those that pertain to Impact Play, because that is my specialty.  I have recently gotten my hands on a new one, and it excites and pleases me greatly.

It's a classic "mop" flogger, meaning that there are twice the number of tails as usual, but each one is half as wide. This makes for an excellent, all-around "thuddy" flogger.  As I declare in the video, If I were to head off to a sophisticated, advanced-level play-party, and only bring ONE toy, then this is what I would bring.

After over forty years of ever-increasing experience, my heart still belongs to good, high-quality BEGINNER toys, with a maximum of all-around use, which I demonstrate in the video.

This is because I am a mentor for Doms, every day.  Younger folks tend to be underemployed in the current economy, and they shouldn't have to choose between a month of groceries, and a toy.  So, I'm always on the lookout for the best bang for the buck.

A tiny part of my collection.  These are the toys waiting to be broken-in.

My $350 flogger, shown here for comparison, to...  

The $30 Thumper flogger.  I do NOT see $320 worth of difference, in terms of design, durability, balance or usability.

I could go on and on, but watch the video at the top of this article.  I see nothing negative, and a LOT of positive in this toy.  I suspect that I will be awarding a lot of these to fine young rising stars in our Tribe, for years to come.


  1. Hi, Papa Tony. I just ordered mine (have been wanting an actual,decent flogger for years and finally purchased this one today.) I was wondering how long it took you to get yours in the mail? Also, do you have any online recommendations/resources for someone just starting to dabble in the BDSM community/scene? Recs for good toy sites, sites to learn bdsm terms and types of toys/their uses, how to find other bdsm community members near you, etc?
    - Lovebug

  2. In my experience, the floggers arrive within two days, generally. I'm only familiar with my own resource page, listed at the top of this article. Happy explorations!