Monday, December 2, 2013

Review of My Newest Whip

This is an Advanced Level toy, used only with heavy players who crave extreme stimulation:

Three-foot length (best for indoor, close-up work), Timber Brown and a Light Brown 
along with the full wrist strap, loop end and chevron pattern

I can honestly say that the new, brown whip is my favorite single-tail EVER (even better than "Emily"), and it's probably the twelfth singletail that I have owned in my life.

The weighting, craftsmanship, balance, length and "whippiness" inherent in its manufacture when it arrived are all delightful.   I have acquired whips that have cost considerably more, but none were better.

I BELIEVE that the cost was around $175 Canadian.  I'm not sure, because I have a policy of having each submissive pay for his own whip, when he's ready for it.  From a health standpoint, it's best to use one whip per submissive.

I am planning to use this whip to train other Tops in the various throws and techniques.

Here was the original description, after it was made:

This is a custom singletail whip made to exact specifications as requested by the client.

Weight: #12 Lead Shot loaded - 14.4 oz, 408g

Length: 36 inches

Colors: Timber Brown and Light Brown - Chevron Pattern -16 plait tapered to 4 plait

Loop End

Full wrist Strap (six strands)

This 36 inch single tail whip is all #1 whip grade Kangaroo Hide. Each strand is hand cut and beveled. This whip sports a several layer braided kangaroo hide leather core.

This single tail snakewhip is accurate for indoor or outdoor use and practice. This single tail whip also has a loop end that makes it easy to replace or switch crackers.

This single tail snakewhip flows very nicely and is easy to throw and crack!

This whip is one of a kind!

It was handcrafted by Carol, who says:

My website has been sorted out now. The menu tab offers custom whip and flogger options so that specialty items can be custom-ordered through it. I also post the few in-stock items that I have available on the site. I also offer custom bullwhips on my “vanilla” site

I will have a vendors booth at the Vancouver Westcoast Bound the weekend of Feb 7th. I am also looking at Lupercalia the following weekend in Edmonton Alberta.

I can also be contacted on Fetlife as SilkenRaven.

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