Sunday, June 3, 2018

Memoirs of a Gay Leather Elder: Four Decades in the Tribe

My book’s first draft.  These are stories that nobody else can tell, from a lost part of pre-AIDS gay leathermen's history.

I am the old guy in blue, presiding over a formal celebration. 
You can read about this Covering Ceremony, here.

This page will be updated every time that I post something new in the series of my memoirs, so, if you are interested, I invite you to bookmark this page.

  • 01: Introduction, including Bestowing LeatherLeather as Self-Expression, and Leather Buffets
  • 02: The Beginning, including Coming Out As A LeathermanMy Only Porn Film, and My Leather Entreé into Gay Society
  • 03: Sexuality, including The Invention of Masturbation, The Anal Warts That Probably Saved My Life, and THE Most Momentous Decision of My Life
  • 04: Coming Out To My Family, including The Angry Fucking Leather Rebel Comes OUT, Understanding the Cognitive Dissonance, and My Nephew, My Son, My Boys, My Protégés
  • 05: Seeking Mentors, including The Fruit Loop, My Introduction To Flogging, and Entering the Blue-Ribbon Party Circuit
  • 06: Discovering the Secret Elders, including I Meet The Secret Elders, And It Doesn't Start Well, The Concentration Camps, and Our Legal Marriage
  • 07Openly Gay in the 1970's Military, Part One, including The Two Master Chiefs, The Happy Bar in Olongapo, and The Marriage Trap
  • 08: Openly Gay in the 1970's Military, Part Two, including How I Got Away With It, The Bad Annual Review, and Sex Between Sailors: Buggery on the High Seas
  • 09: Funny and Fun!, Part One, including Pedigree Dog Food, Pogey-Bait and Cocker Spaniels
  • 10: Funny and Fun, Part Two, including Uhh - Where's All The Women?, Piggy George and the Crisco, and Ten-Inch Coils
  • 11: I Invented Leather Pride, including The Holocaust Phase, The Underlying Motive and Preaching and Exhorting
  • 12: Giving Permission, including Giving Permission As A Guiding Philosophy, The Two Oranges and Colt Models
  • 13: Tales of Assless Chaps, including Sterling of West HollywoodInternational Mr. Cheeks & Chaps and My Only Experience As A ProDom
  • 14: The Most Unethical Titleholder Contest In History, including Something Seriously Wrong With Me, My Guiding Principles, and Omens And Evil Signs
  • 15: Gayborhoods, including: Mobility Created The Gayborhoods, Cops Harassing The Gay Bars, and LGBTQ Junior High Arrives At Last
  • 16: Celebrating 27 Years of Marriage

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