Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Audio from Men's Discussions

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Papa Tony: I have been digging through old archives and found the following audio recordings of Men's Discussions that I moderated a few years ago at weekly gatherings for FetishMenSanDiego.  These were extremely popular worldwide when they were new, being downloaded, and listened to, on every major land-mass except Antarctica (those darned penguins!).

They're re-posted here, to help folks find something that may be of good use.  They are a treasure-trove of interpersonal wisdom and open, honest sharing by many men.

Being an Effective Top

Intro To Master Class

Being an Effective Top: Why is it a Good Idea?

Being an Effective Top, Part One

What is the Ideal Top?

Being an Effective Top, Part Two

Being an Effective Top, Part Three

Top Talk

Bottom Talk


Giving Permission as a Guiding Philosophy

The New Leaders

Constituency vs. Bossiness vs. Title Vests vs. Leadership

How To Build Real Community in the Internet Age

Jack McGeorge's 2003 Leadership Lecture

Welcoming New Men into the Community

Men in Crowds: Cooperation vs. Competition

Training a Submissive

Establishing Trust with a Capital T

Safe, Sane and NON-Consensual

Finding the Buttons

The Training Process


How Do We Meet in the Internet Age?

Relationships, Polyamory and Jealousy


Single Men

Turn Ons/Turn Offs

Leathermen's History

Stories From The Old Days

Miscellaneous Topics

Intentional Sexuality

Male Grief and Our Fathers

Body Electric

The New Generation (TNG)

Size Matters

Folsom Street Fair Tips

Role Play

Coming Out

Left Of The Slash

Internet Dangers

Review of the Butchmanns Experience in Arizona

Fisting for Tops

Penis: Friend Or Foe?

Fetlife Tutorial For Gay Men