Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Review: Portable St. Andrew's Cross

I attended a few street fairs in San Francisco and Los Angeles, before I finally realized what was right in front of me.  There is a wonderful design for a metal, tubular and portable Saint Andrew's Cross that is rock-solid, but collapses into a smaller collection of parts:

To give an idea of the size, I'm six foot five.
There is a chain that tightly connects the three legs, 
but I hadn't installed it before photographing.

This is what it looks like, set up in a bar, 
decorated with 600 lights, powered by three "D"-cell batteries.
It takes two slaves to set it up. 
I don't have the patience to get the lights untangled. 

These parts can all fit into a large-sized, hard-shell golf-club travel case with wheels.  I bought mine off of Craigslist for forty bucks, instead of full price elsewhere.

I can't install a permanent dungeon into my home, no matter how much I would like to.  However, modern designs for spanking benches, fuck benches, rim-chairs, portable slings and the like allow me to store these items away in a closet or the garage while not in use. It's nice to finally add a truly portable St. Andrew's Cross to the collection!

This is the center core piece that everything else attaches to. The entire assemblage is quite light in weight (compared to the extra-tall sling frame in my collection), though reassuringly stable and strong. Putting it together requires no tools.  It's elegantly engineered.

The back side.  Again, there is a nice chain that connects the three legs at the bottom, but is not shown here.

Pleasantly in use: The slave is 6'1", to give an idea of its use during the cross's break-in ceremony! The slave is a real thrasher, and there was never a moment of instability. I could never say that about the huge, heavy wooden Saint Andrew's Cross in my shed, which never gets used because it is worryingly unstable.

This young man is 5'9", and I think that he will need longer ankle-restraint chains than a taller man.

He disagrees!  He was determined to make it work.

Turns out, he was right!


Send an email to macdaddydesigns @gmail.com and order from Brian.  He sells the crosses for $299, plus $50 for shipping & handling, in whatever color you want.  I chose gunmetal gray.

The four-foot-by-one-foot-square box was awkward for one person to carry when it arrived, but very easy for two.

It didn't come with assembly instructions, but the only part that we got wrong at first, was the chain that attaches at the BOTTOM of the legs.  The parts just slide together in an obvious way, otherwise

I am very pleased, and can't wait to take it to play-parties in town, and other public events.

UPDATE:  The biggest "problem with this cross is that all of my kinky friends want to borrow it for play-parties, Pride festival leather tents, and the like.  Other folks tend to use it more than I do!  :->