Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Flogging Videos and Pictures Posted

I was invited to do a flogging performance at the Faultline Bar in Los Angeles on January 23, 2016.  I asked a buddy to video-capture some of the goings-on. The occasion was the monthly fund-raiser for the Tom of Finland Foundation, hosted by, among others, Marc Randell Bellenger.

Photos with text saying "TOM's Garage!" are by Motorboot Photography:

My handsome play-partner is the well-known performer Christian Mitchell.  

He is a pleasure to play with, and brilliantly creative!  I was ably assisted by my good friend Sir Gerald.  We were the tallest men in the bar, towering over poor, helpless Christian!

Marc, our host for the event.

Plain, Simple Flogging

I tend to use my very favorite flogger for ninety percent of my flogging needs.  It's the Mister Thuddy from FlogMeBaby.com, and it's currently selling for 45 bucks.  I have owned dozens.  Why so many?  Because I teach Tops.  I will loan a flogger to a new Dom, and teach them to use it, and then I watch to see what happens.

If they go forth and start thrilling the public with their practiced skills, I will create an impromptu ceremony, praising them publicly, and presenting them with the flogger.  As a Tribal Elder, I see it as a crucial part of supporting a healthy Tribe. Generations of happy bottoms will thank me, long after I'm dead!

Here's my video of the Mr. Thuddy, in use at this event.

If I had to give away all but one toy, this is the one that I would keep.  

If you are looking for something shorter (for smaller Doms), I strongly recommend the Napoleon.

Florentine Flogging

I always like to include some Florentine flogging (using two at once). It's a real crowd-pleaser.
Here is the video that shows them flying around, during this event.


I just HAD to include some spanking, too - With a pretty ass like that, can you blame me?

Dragon's Tongues

  Here is a clearer view.  They are in between a flogger and a single-tail whip in intensity.
I also (briefly) used a single-tail whip, but it was hell to aim properly in that dark bar.  
So, we gave up fast, for safety's sake..

Flame Whip

Fiber-optic, digital "Flame Whip" (that's just my nickname - they are actually called "Space Whips"). I only used one, because the other one is in repair - the digital circuit-board malfunctioned, and it is being replaced for free.

Here is the video, showing it in use.