Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Master Class, Spring 2017: Audio and Video

Note from Papa Tony:  I am currently teaching a crew of Doms/Tops/Masters/Sirs.

I am covering topics such as technique, philosophy, ethics and interpersonal connections. In the midst of hands-on demos, I am sharing a lot of success techniques, coping mechanisms, and fun stories to illustrate my points.

The newest additions will be at the TOP of the page.

Expect repetition… It's never, ever intentional.  
However, I am an older man with terrible memory.

I will keep adding to this page as time goes by, so keep it bookmarked, and check in regularly!

Video: Styles of Throwing Floggers and Whips

Audio: Relationships Between Gay Kinky Men

Video: Toy Bag Tour.
There is also a separate, different, AUDIO-only version, that you might find interesting.

Audio: Introduction & Overview
Explaining Tribal History, my own history and
motivations for teaching. Endorphins, and flog swarms.

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