Monday, September 30, 2013

FMSD 2.0 Has Now Begun

There are people who could explain this better than I can, because I haven't been central to the planning process, but I can summarize:

On Wednesday, September 25, 2013, I handed over major operations of FetishMenSanDiego to a dedicated team of brothers who want to shift things around somewhat, but also to retain what makes us great.

- The Men's Discussions will be moderated by different folks, with various men taking over planning for the topics each week.

- The weekly newsletter has now been shifted to a new, simpler system that will still allow folks to get the news on an ongoing basis on Facebook, on the blog, and via emailed updates.

- There will continue to be a determined focus on making new, shy faces among us feel welcomed and wanted.

As time goes by, adjustments will be made, to better serve the diverse needs of many of our brothers.

FMSD continues to grow as a worldwide phenomenon.  Seriously.  We have followers from all over the world, and our numbers continue to grow at an astonishing rate. There will be an ongoing series of events designed to bring gay FetishMen together in non-virtual space, face-to-face, up close and personal.

For my own part:

- I intend to continue creating social events periodically (such as November's Massive Movie Night) that allow the maximum number of brotherly men to gather together, and share communal joy.

- I will still be writing here on my TribalVibe with Papa Tony blog, and sharing my observations as they occur to me.

- I'm going to continue mentoring the folks who need somebody who gives a damn about their success and well-being.

- Mostly, I will be attending events and being a better friend. Being the Perpetually Busy Head Honcho has kept me more distant from my brothers and sisters than I prefer.

I'm a LOT more relaxed these days, I'm sleeping better, and I'm laughing and joking more. The handover is complete, and I'm glad about it.

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