Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BIG Announcement in One Week, on Movie Night

On Wednesday, November 13, during Movie Night  I will be making the first public, formal announcement of the biggest idea our local community has ever had. I’ve previewed it with a bunch of trusted friends from all over Southern California, and it’s clearly something that has folks everywhere going wild with anticipation.  We’ve got a few months to prepare.

This new concept is really, really enormous, but it’s also a very new way of re-thinking our assumptions. Times have changed, and this is the best way that I can imagine to move with the times and make a LOT of people change their minds about our community in a wonderful, transformational way. Everybody wins, in many cities, for decades to come!

So, here is how the evening will go, on Movie Night, Nov. 13, 2013:

6PM, folks will start arriving to socialize outside the Birch North Park Theater  at 2891 University Ave  near the corner of 30th and University. Movie tickets are still available online at $5 each  but will cost $10 at the door. This supports our superb friends with FilmOut San Diego, who have obtained this movie just for US.

6:30PM - Gear Contest. If you’re in gear, we invite you to be light-hearted and playful, just the previous times that we have done this.

6:45PM - Group Photo! Also, Big Announcement.

7PM - MOVIE TIME!  Funniest gay movie in the history of film.

After the movie, bring your ticket stub to the San Diego Eagle  just a couple of blocks away, at 3040 N Park Way  Redeem it for a drink special, and let’s start quoting lines at each other from the movie, while screaming with laughter.

The purpose of the evening is to share joyful times as a large, affectionate Tribe. Sometimes, simple, brotherly fun (such as lots of belly-laughs) is exactly what we need.

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