Thursday, April 10, 2014

Movie Night, May 31, 2014

This event is part of the Second Annual Family Reunion Weekend in San Diego.

Several members of the Folsom Street Fair Board of Directors are coming down for the weekend's events, because they have heard so much about San Diego.  They tell me that no other city on earth sends so many out-of-town attendees. San Diego is #1, baby!

As a result, we are planning multiple events that will make our out-of-town guests derive a strong sense of who we are, and what makes us so very special.

TIME: Saturday, May 31, starting at 9PM on the sidewalk outside the theater.

WHO IS INVITED: Women and men of the kink/leather/fetish Tribe.

LOCATION: Birch North Park Theater, 2891 University Ave, San Diego CA 92104.

COST: $10 per ticket at the door, but the tickets will on sale for $5 each at at some point soon.

The movie will be a documentary about the Folsom Street Fair, called "FOLSOM FOREVER", brought to you by the wonderful folks with FilmOut San Diego.  They seek to celebrate our cultural heritage, and they are a non-profit group. This movie was SPECIFICALLY brought to us, as a gesture of love and respect.

The past four Movie Nights have been hosted by, and for, FetishMenSanDiego, a group of gay-male kinksters.  This will be our second annual Family Reunion Weekend - Here is what happened last year. Since the movie this time around is about something that is shared by ALL of the Tribe, we warmly invite our brothers and sisters to join in the FUN!

• GEAR CONTEST - No prizes: just affection, applause and approval

GROUP PHOTO, like no group photo that has ever been done before - Completely innovative. You'll see!

FOLSOM STORIES… Tell the appreciative, jolly crowd some of your favorite tales from the Folsom Street Fair!

- The director (Mike Skiff) will be in attendance, and will take questions after the movie.

- After the movie, walk over to the San Diego Eagle, to chat about the movie with like-minded folks.

We MIGHT have a Sunday morning event as well.

From Papa Tony: This is the last time that I will be hosting this annual collection of events - The plans have been in place for a long time, and I want them to succeed as I step away further and further. I am training my replacements, so that the traditions will continue onward.

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