Saturday, May 10, 2014

Open Letter To My Brothers Who Attended The Harness Party Last Night

Nobody took any pictures last night, 
but this pic was from the first Flog Swarm 
in the same bar a year ago, 
with much of the same crowd.

I was so proud of each of you last night at the Harness Party:

Clearly, you were so ready for the upcoming Flog Swarm, you were eager to strut your stuff RIGHT NOW.

Yes, there were men in attendance who arrived at different levels of confidence, from the shyest newbie on up, and there were plenty of men who were there to strap on some leather gear and strut around like sexy, sexy peacocks (and weren’t they hot?).

And, there were my beautiful brothers, strolling with purpose, with floggers on your hips, hugging with intentionality, being fully-present with each other, smiling with complete authenticity, and knowing exactly what you’re good for.  And proving it.

We completely took ownership of that event, and everybody was glad. Whatever end of the flogger you may have been on, you men LIVED LEATHER.  That kind of role-modeling can’t be faked.

The DJ told me later that you men had such a great time entertaining and thrilling the crowd, the fun didn't wind down for a LONG time - Much longer than normal.

95% of the men in that bar arrived because my newsletter told them that it was a good idea.  How do I know?  I circulated, gathered hugs and did Market Research.

There were men there, who weren’t yet ready to step up to their next level.  That’s fine. They got an EYEFUL of what is waiting for them, once they become brave enough to surrender to their truest feelings.

I couldn’t be prouder of you, my brothers.  You showed expertise, tenderness, caring, and calm acceptance.  In my long, long career as a leatherman, I’ve never seen better examples of Tribe in action.  Equivalent, yes, but never better.


The two Flog Swarm Practice Sessions are coming up soon, shortly followed by the main event.  I’m going to need you to be utterly charming Party Hosts and instructors at each one of them, in your own personal style.  You don’t have to pretend to be me. Not everybody is a Julie the Cruise Director!

The folks who will be joining us (55 so far, over twice the size of the last one) are already pre-inclined to stand beside us with honor, trust and respect.  These aren’t some random goofballs wandering in off of the street. These folks read our newsletters and postings, and yearn to be close and sweet, as we clearly are with each other.

I ask that you let your light SHINE for the rest of the month, and then from then onward, in whatever way that works best for you, from moment to moment.  At this time, we are all Spirit Guides who will welcome more beautiful, diverse people into our circle of true Tribe.

I trust you, I value you, and I applaud you.

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