Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flog Swarm Update, as of April 10

This event is part of the Second Annual Family Reunion Weekend in San Diego.

The next Flog Swarm is coming up in a month and a half!

TIME: Saturday, May 31, 12 Noon onward.  Doors close at 1PM.

WHO IS INVITED: Women and men of every kind, as long as they understand that this event is DIFFERENT. It's all about playing joyfully and ecstatically - It will be a massive swarm that is closely connected, with everyone being childlike and open-hearted. Everybody gets to play, and to rejoice that we have such a great Tribe!

The tone of the event is “Relaxed Trust”, exactly the same as naked three-year-olds playing together in a mud puddle, or puppies in a pile. We have a huge team of utterly responsible folks who can make that be true, at every moment.  Everybody can be mellow and sweet.

LOCATION: Kept secret until RSVP's are handled.  We want to limit the final number of attendees.  RSVP to SignMeUpForEvent, and make SURE that you mention the "Flog Swarm".

COST: Still to be established, but we will know soon. We want to pay a fair amount for the use of the space, with a small percentage going to the Leather Foundation. This is not a for-profit event, and the cost will be minimal.

That same night, we will be urging everyone to attend Movie Night at the Birch North Park Theater.  You do NOT want to miss this - You'll kick yourself if you do!  It's all part of the Second Annual Family Reunion Weekend.

It’s time to build the team, get our brothers and sisters connected for this big ol' pile of FUN, and to encourage innovative thought. This Flog Swarm will be much, much bigger this time around, and maximally diverse.

Here is my one-hour flogging instructional video - I do recommend it, and plan to cover a lot of the same material with beginner Tops during the training events coming up:

I am committed to everybody growing, learning and gaining great value from this shared opportunity.

My only role in the upcoming Flog Swarm  is to be the Dreamer - The Shaman.  The One Who Sets the Tone. The One Who Goes Before.

I will guide you good folks through this process, but my request is that each one of us OWN this event, from top to bottom, and from side to side. It’s now time for the surprising, lateral-thinking and Tribal energies to start building.  I am empowering you to build this in YOUR flavor.  This event will not involve not any actual physical labor to set up, and never has - It’s all about giving our word, and then following through.  That’s enough.

We’ve got the time, and we have the place (being kept secret, in order to make it a size-controlled, RSVP event).

It’s YOUR powerful dreams that will spread through this event at every level.  If you can find some equally-wonderful and powerful friends (female and male), who are just as deep, wise, and responsible as you, let’s bring them forward and get them on the really, really big team.   Forward this message to them, right now.  Use SignMeUpForEvent as your entry-way into the network, but mention "Flog Swarm" in the Subject line.

This is the last year that I will be coordinating this, because it now belongs to everyone. I predict that the Flog Swarms will build and build as a treasured annual tradition.  There is NO telling how far this can go.

The preparations are done. The timing is perfect.

Here are some of the things that are in the air at the moment, and it’s ALL about Possibility, and Ecstatic Joy:

- There is no Dress Code. Arrive in comfy clothes, or whatever else you like. We want to meet the magical, wonderful you that is inside, and wants to come out and play.  Since YOU are the main attraction for everyone else to treasure, then express yourself however you like.

- Drummers (we need to round some up - I have a source for a FEW drums). Everybody is encouraged to arrive with some form of percussion instruments or items.

- Dancers - easy enough to arrange - Folks just go for it, with all of their hearts. The intent is urge on the Flog Swarm with the energy that you are putting out.

- Music. We have a DJ.

- I have sage and incense.

- Multiple sessions of Flogging Training beforehand, in the next month.  More info soon - the plans are in process. I will guide the training process, but this is meant to be everyone sharing their best techniques that are aimed at eager beginners. The Flog Swarm is not necessarily about fancy moves (until the next part):

- How about a Talent Show onstage during one of the long breaks?  Florentine Flogging on Parade, Baby!  Flog Dancing! (this is my party trick). Whipping a cigarette out of somebody’s mouth! Getting Drew to demonstrate his best moves?

- The Gauntlet - LeatherSir Ron had this idea - Having two rows of flogging Tops, and having somebody make their way down the centerline being flogged, while the crowd cheers them on.

- Since there is a stage, then we can have one Flogging Top up there at a time, who will guide the flow with a bottom on stage. When he or she goes faster or harder, everybody takes their cue. When they slow down or stop, then everybody stops.

I’m not married to any of these ideas - I encourage everybody to come up with dozens more. This event will be a surging, powerful hot mess, and that is EXACTLY the intent. This event is meant to be outside of our typical cultural experience, but kind, generous and intimate, in a way that our full Tribe needs to enjoy periodically. 

The endorphins of Tribal Joy have a cleansing and life-changing effect. I’ve been doing things in this same intention for decades, many hundreds of times.  It’s time to show the next generation how it works.

From Papa Tony: This is the last time that I will be hosting this annual collection of events - The plans have been in place for a long time, and I want them to succeed as I step away further and further. I am training my replacements, so that the traditions will continue onward.

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  1. Papa Tony -just saw the Flog Swarm video for the 1st time...took my breath away, Sir. I esp. liked seeing that at least 4 Tops (Yourself included) were able to Dance as they threw Their Strikes... those were certainly lucky Bottoms to have been partnered with those Gentlemen! this boy will certainly hope to be as fortunate when attending the next event, Sir. -pbr, :@)!