Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review of the FMSD Male-Only Play Party

From Papa Tony:

On September 2, 2017, there was a Men's Play Party at a very large, well-equipped play space.

I cannot praise it enough. I have attended hundreds of such parties over the last four decades.  Here is what I loved about this one:


This event was TIGHT.  Perfectly planned, laid-out, staffed and no dead spots anywhere.  It was a cornucopia of pleasure, by design, and by intention. Doriam and his team really got every detail right.  This is true leadership, and I am quite eager to attend every one of the upcoming events that the team has assembled for our pleasure.


Just like all well-run play spaces, volunteers were there to:

•"Set the Table" by moving heavy equipment around, to make the space as optimal as possible.
• Welcome everyone personally,
• Monitor the cleanliness of the space,
• Check to make sure that everyone felt safe,
• Keep the snacks and non-alcoholic beverages ready, and
• Clean up and move everything back the way that it was.

Remember, these were unpaid volunteers, who were there to make SURE that men could have the best possible time, and we did. They could have been anywhere else, but they wanted to be in service to a beautiful dream.

The volunteers worked as though their lives depended upon it.  You couldn't turn around without seeing an eager-to-serve man from the organizational team, poised to lend a hand if needed.  If sheer good intentions were a power-source, they could have easily levitated the really big building where we played.

The Play Space

There were ample play-spaces, play-settings, toys, and opportunities to socialize quietly, away from  the crowd. I can't think of a single thing to make it better.  It even had air-conditioning, to fend off the horrid humid heat outside.  The last time we had ANYTHING of this quality in San Diego, it was in the early 1990's, when "Submission Valley" was still in operation.

The Crowd

Right around forty playful men stayed for the evening. This event was a perfect opportunity for seasoned players and eager newbies to mix and bond with each other.  This, more than anything else, reminded me of the good old days, when the generations would mix, for the benefit of all.  The best way to learn kinky play, is to directly observe someone who is darned good at it, in real time.

As always with FetishMenSanDiego events, it was quite Top-heavy.  Plenty of Doms, Sirs and Masters to go around.  Our newest Certified Dom was presented to the crowd at the event kick-off, and he played with (I'm guessing) fourteen men before he staggered home.  It is a good thing that he is so young and studly, because this old man would probably have had a stroke, trying to keep up!

The Play

Arriving men needed some social time to establish trust and commonality, just like at every play-party, ever.  A few tours and lessons occurred to break the ice, and then men got down to business.  The many, many play-areas were continually busy until closing time.  Sounds, sights and experiences were vivid (and safe).  Shy newbies who were bold enough to ask, finally encountered their fantasies in real life, and went home happy.

 I played for hours, and I have been in perfect Top Space ever since.  I am glowing with pleasure.


I CANNOT stress the point more:  San Diego's leathermen have needed something this superb for a long, long time.  The next time that one of the team's events come up, SHOW up, and I will gladly join you.  If you want a taste of the Good Old Days with a big splash of the most modern fun, that time has arrived, and in a big way.

I am SO satisfied!


  1. Right?! What a welcome, well-executed evening with lots of friendly folk.

  2. Yes Yes And Yes Sir! Being a Switch and new amongst San Diego I had an Awesome Time. Met new people boys, subs, pups, and Doms, Sirs, Masters alike. I enjoyed having no expectations other than to be present and to engage and was rewarded with showing others what I could do with a Flogger (or 3), as well as introduce a few to the beginning of Mummification bondage to help broaden their mind beyond the typical rope and chain bondage that they seemed only to have been familiar with. I cannot wait for more events to come and Thank You Sir for the short discussion that you and I had at the event and I look forward to more Sir.