Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The "Trophy" Boot Print

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Papa Tony:

Being a Flogging Top, AND a long-time collector of fetish boots, I like to reward a dedicated sub with a spectacular image of his back.

In my experience, this image becomes a treasured keepsake of a pleasurable (and intense) time together.

For those who flinch away, and worry that this is somehow torturous, it is not.  Every single man who has been through this process would gladly do back-flips, or pay good money to have it happen again.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Redden-up the sub's back. My classic instructional video can be of great help.

Quickly get him face-down, on the floor.  Speed is essential.

Press as hard as is polite and comfortable, with the boot, where the flesh is reddened…

If you are FAST enough at taking the picture at the right time, then you probably have a great picture, and might not need to continue with directions any further.  Everything after this is meant to make the image more impressive. I don't know how to accomplish the following photo-editing process on an Android phone.  I welcome feedback that would help me add more to this article!

If you have an iPhone, get it into position and HOLD DOWN the button to start a burst of photos, as you quickly move the boot to a position next to the boot print, as shown above. That boot print goes away fast.

On the iPhone, tap on the miniature pic on the lower left, and then tap “Select”.  Slide through the images until you find the perfect, CLEAR boot print. Tap on it to mark it, and tap “Done” to delete the un-needed images.

At this point, make the sub kneel next to you, and wrap his arms around your leg. You have a little more work to do.


WHY do we want to edit the image?  Because the sub deserves to see what the human eye sees, not the washed-out, grayish image that the phone's camera picks up.

Go to your Photos app, and then to your Camera Roll. Tap the boot print image. Tap the word "Edit" at the upper right.

Tap the "V" symbol to the right of the word "Light".

Tap on "Brightness", and then adjust the image to become slightly darker.  That gets the image ready for the next part.  Tap "Done".

Then, tap "Contrast", and drag to the left to make the image's boot-print "pop!".  The amount is up to you.  We are not making a documentary.  Our goal is to make the image as impressive as it was in real life.

Final editing step: Tap the "V" symbol  next to "Color" and tap on "Saturation". Drag to the left until the back looks realistically red.  Try not to make it TOO much of a reddened horror-show.  Tap "Done".

Immediately show it to the sub, and text it to him, on the spot.  Tell him that he has earned this trophy image because he has pleased you so very much.  Only a real, dedicated submissive could have earned something so nice, and took it so well.

Time to cuddle!

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