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Florentine Flogging, for Visual Learners

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Papa Tony:

I struggled to learn Florentine flogging for months.  This involves using two floggers at the same time. I finally found the ideal way for me to "get it", within five minutes, so I'm passing it along.  It may not work for you, but then, it just might.  If not, then see the end of this article for step-by-step instruction links.

The Two-Beat Weave

Let's start simple, with a two-beat weave. I left my hands empty, on purpose.  Sit back and move your hands in the same way, as if I were your mirror-image.  KEEP DOING IT, even after you can do it perfectly.  The more that you do it, the more that it becomes muscle-memory.

In my primary instructional video, I am teaching how to do a Figure Eight motion with a flogger.  All that I am doing HERE, is doing Figure Eights with both hands.  One hand follows the other.

For decades, I told myself that there was NO way that I could do Florentine Flogging, because my left hand is so useless.  Turns out, I was wrong.

Travis teaches the Three-Beat Weave (Florentine Flogging)

The Three-Beat Weave is the same as the Two-Beat Weave, but with an extra motion on each side. It's actually quite simple to switch between the two, once you become accomplished with them both.  You can watch me switching between them in this video, around the 8-minute mark.

I have found that I learn best by creating an endless loop of the necessary moves (such as with the animated GIFs below), displaying it BIG on my computer screen, and then doing it along with the instructor.  You don't even have to have anything in your hands.

As a result, I picked up Florentine 3-beat weaves INSTANTLY, rather than struggling for a month and a half.  I’m a visual learner.

The following are the video-clips that I learned from, with the help of my dear brother Travis. This is a video from his earliest attempt to teach.  He has gotten MUCH more smooth in his teaching-style since then.

Front View - Click on image to zoom in.

Side View

I laughed when I was video-capturing, and Travis was puzzled.  I thanked him for fanning me so nicely on a hot day!

Here is a video with my friend 
demonstrating Florentine flogging in HIS style (YouTube link is here, if you need it).
It's rather advanced, but he's still awesome to observe.
I throw in some flogging tips of my own, at the end.

Shopping Tips

I have owned dozens of Thumper floggers, identical to this one.

Ideally, if you find that you can learn this style of flogging, it’s a good idea to have two matched floggers.  If you want to get GREAT floggers for a fraction of the usual cost, may I recommend getting two of the Thumper floggers at  They are $30 each, and come in different colors, versus $180 each, for the same weight and durable quality, anywhere else.

Alternatively, if you are NOT a huge, strong man like me, these floggers might wear your arms out very quickly.  In that case, scroll further down the same page and get any of the $19.95 "Dungeon Master" floggers (differing only in colors).

Expensive flogger

I own many, many floggers, including a $350 flogger(!) that is of the same weight and balance as the Mr. Thuddy (it was made for me, with an intricate handle, for formal occasions).  I see zero difference in actual USE between the $45 flogger and the $350 flogger.  Save your money!

Miscellaneous Notes about Florentine Flogging:

I make no pretense about knowing everything on this topic. All that I have is my own experience.

For years, I had myself 100% convinced that I'm utterly right-handed, with no useful ability to use my left hand. I would insist "I'm NOT ambidextrous!"  I was wrong.  I picked up Florentine flogging in a miraculously short time, using the technique listed above.  Sure, I was clumsy with my aim at first, but practice fixed that.

Now that I know Florentine flogging so well, I kinda prefer it to using just one.  It's amazing what you can do with it.

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