Monday, February 12, 2018

Leaving Marks, on the Ass That Can't Get Enough of 'Em

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Papa Tony:

Paddle made from Cocobolo wood.  These are easy to find.

Click here to watch the instructional video on YouTube.

One of the men that I mentor has had the incredible good luck to find a submissive who adores heavy play on his ass.  Questions arose as a result, and the video is meant to cover those questions.

What conclusions are reached in this video?

- Cocobolo Wood is Best

- A Submissive Who Adores Heavy Play Needs A Collar And A Place Next To You Every Night In Bed.

Trophy Pictures

The following images are "Trophies" for the submissive who has brought pleasure, and earned my respect.  I talk more about this concept here.

Plain old spanking.

One good, hard smack.

Tommy Tomcat, found here.

Clearly, NOT his butt, but this shows what 
marks can result from a Tommy Tomcat.

"PTSM" Singletail Whip, found here.

Cocobolo paddle.

Dragon's Tongue, with Leg Spreader.

Dragon's Tongue, under black light.

Leather Belt.

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