Monday, September 10, 2018

Reviews of Kinky Products

How to save money, time and wasted energy when shopping.

These are articles that I consider to be of value, based upon the responses that I have received.

You can find the Master Index for every category here.

This page is only one of many categories.  There are HUNDREDS of articles, and each list continues to grow longer and longer.

I hope that you find these articles to be of value in your life.

A Pretty Damn Good Book On Domination - I see a number of lists of the “You might be interested in…” flavor and one of these lists described a book on dominance that seemed intriguing…

Kinky Vacation Destinations - What's YOUR Suggestion?

Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco;
Up Your Alley Street Fair, San Francisco;
International Mr. Leather Contest Weekend (IML), Chicago;
Folsom Street East, New York City;

Review of Inexpensive, High-Quality Floggers - an old article, updated

Video Review of the 'Thumper' Flogger; with Demos - I review kinky toys periodically. Mostly, those that pertain to Impact Play, because that is my specialty.

The Tommy Tomcat: Video Instructions.  An advanced toy, between a singletail and a flogger.

PTSM Singletail Whip, with Instructional Video - Looking to get into singletail whipping?  Here is an excellent start.

Hand Porn, and Floggers… - @papatonyinsd uses and recommends Mr. Thuddy line as a solid “working” flogger for your first serious foray into floggers. (Not a cheapo “novelty item” but not overpriced art either at $45.00 USD)

Portable St. Andrew's Cross - If you can't have a full-time dungeon, here is a good alternative

9x6 Lube Review - It comes off pretty quickly and cleanly with soap and cold water.

My Custom-Ordered Kinky Boots - I decided that I had waited for too many years to get what I considered to be my Ultimate Fantasy Boot

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