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How-To: Hard Skills

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Covering technical skills that will last you a lifetime These are articles that I consider to be of value, based upon the responses that I have received.

This page is only one of many categories. There are HUNDREDS of articles, and each list continues to grow longer and longer.

I hope that you find these articles to be of value in your life.

Flogging For Beginners (On Both Ends Of The Flogger): Video Instruction - Watched by over a quarter-million folks, worldwide, in FIVE places on the Web.  INCLUDES LINKS TO VERY ADVANCED INSTRUCTIONS

Flogging With Intention - Horizontal Style

Whips and Canes - Over the weekend i did a stock-taking on Master’s collection of floggers, whips, canes and batons. I thought that it would be interesting to write about them.

How To Fist Or Play Large, Anally - It is just a matter of relaxation, muscle control, plenty of lube, along with time and determination, and caution to do it right, at your body’s own pace.

Skin Care After a Beating - It’s really important to note that ESPECIALLY bruised areas and broken skin should be treated with ointment and a bandage and should NOT be struck for a good 2 weeks to let them heal up.

Sleepsack Bondage Safety Tips - “I’ve never been in leather like that. Or any now that I think about it. It must become incredibly hot and sweaty in there. It may be a dumb question but does he hydrate first?”

Best Chastity Letter Ever - I know you far better than you know yourself, and I understand that an exploration into your desires and fetish won’t work while we remain equal partners, so I’m making you my Chastity Boy.

How to properly worship a Man’s body - Worshipping a Man’s body is an art.  Before i ever physically worship a Man’s body, i worship it visually and verbally. Explore it with your eyes and show the Man your hunger and admiration for Him.

Fisting Do's and Don'ts - This is by no means a comprehensive list, and communication between you and your partner should trump all of this advice.

The Beginner’s Guide to Bondage and Domination - Domination/submission is more akin to a seduction. The Master seduces the slave with his power, the slave seduces the Master with their willingness and servitude.

Housekeeping for Subs - With much focus on sex in the Dom/sub world - I thought I’d write some useful, old-fashioned “good housekeeping” material for subs who may be interested in how to best serve their Dom/master/husband/Sir better.

Intensity Rating - A while ago, Master had me fill a sheet to rate the intensity/scare level of each torture method that we had tried since i submit. After several years of training, it just got updated.

What Does A Typical Edging Session With You Look Like? - I will share how I would generally approach a “garden variety” edging session.

Command! Don’t Ask! - First, a Dom should never shout or show anger. It doesn’t make your statements any stronger and it shows you are not really in control or you are losing it. A struggle for power isn’t fitting for a Dominant.

Observation - Playing with a Disability  - imperium2000: Yes, I have one. Several years back, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid. Yes, it sucks. No sense putting lipstick on a pig. Luckily, it often doesn’t interfere with play, but it can and has.

Public Scene: Barracks Bar in Palm Springs - Watch me in an actual scene with a stranger. I calibrate, check in, and use dozens of play-styles

Public Scene at the Faultline in LA, with Videos - I was showing off for the crowd, but I believe that these videos are also instructive.

Florentine Flogging, for Visual Learners, Plus Flame Whips and Poi! - How to become a sophisticated Flogging Top

Florentine Flogging: Another Approach to Learning - Do this slowly at first just to get the primary motions in muscle memory. I'm sure other methods of learning work great for other folks. This is what made it click for me.

Shutting Down a Scene - You mentioned  a Dom shutting down a scene if it got too intense for the sub to be able to use her safe word responsibly. What are the symptoms, so I can watch out for it and be aware?”

Ritual Conditioning - He applies control to the things I enjoy most: lifting, fucking, eating–conditioning me to associate him, and his power over me, with my most pleasurable and valuable experiences.

Florentine Flogging, Part Two: Practical Application - More about this advanced topic

For Tops: Preparation and Seduction, Before Fucking A Newbie's Ass - Easily my most-popular article, ever.

Slave Poses and Protocols -  DO have certain protocols that I use with my slaves, and that work really well for us. We only use them in public (and entirely non-verbally), and always while I am doing Top Talk with other Doms in a group…

 Effective Rule Making - Rules should help you craft the right headspace for your submissive. If you want him to feel like he’s in a highly disciplined environment you can certainly do that by creating a lot of rules.

Discipline - A major part of many kinky dynamics is a focus on discipline. While “discipline” can be a fun part of your everyday activities, it can also mean something more specific in terms of punishment.

Video Tutorial: The Champion Strut - Charisma at a distance

Ropey Beginner’s FAQ - A great resource for bondage beginners.

Safety for Submissives - Use rope rather than chain because it is easier to cut than chain and you can put a quick release “slip” in the knot so when you pull the end the knot comes undone...

Sub or Bottom Discovery - 'Stand up. Get undressed’ he said, whilst opening a draw and reaching for a blindfold. 'Put this on’. I did I was told. I motioned to speak, and he silenced me; then I knew my place…

A SUPERB Way To Murder a Submissive - Learn safe practices BEFORE you stumble forward into disaster!

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Prostate But Were Afraid To Ask! - I advocate PFE as a sexual practice because it teaches you micro-muscle control which is the “gold star” skill that can blow someone’s mind.

Flogger Cleaning and Storage - A few tips that might be of value

Pain Play, and Gaining Marks, Explained - There is a lot of good to be said about mutually-enjoyed pain play. A very small percentage of men have the ability to instantly convert pain into pleasure…

Leaving Marks on the Ass That Can't Get Enough - Every kind of impact play on buttocks. One of the men that I mentor has had the incredible good luck to find a submissive who adores heavy play on his ass. Questions arose as a result, and the video is meant to cover those questions.

The Tommy Tomcat: Video Instructions - An advanced toy for Tops who are ready for their next level up.

Punishing subs - One of the first quandaries I came across when exploring kink was how one punishes a submissive that enjoys pain or otherwise requires unconventional punishment. So I’m going to include some suggestions for punishments…

Cheap (but Effective) Kinkster Toys - I’m writing all these entries with newer kinksters in mind. New kinksters may have a rather small pool of toys, if any at all. So below you will find a number of cheap kinkster toys to get you started.

Planning A Scene - It is not always necessary to spend your time planning a scene. I do still plan scenes from time to time mostly to make sure I’ve covered all my bases and created an immersive experience.

Ball Gags - One of the first really scary experiences I had was with a ball gag. I had a boy tied up before me and put a ball gag in his mouth. We arranged a hand signal for use in checking in…

Milking - Is milking a load from your boy a reward for faithfully following your will in staying chaste? Is this a punishment for a chaste boy who did not do his chores for the 3rd week in a row?

Toybag Tour, Thud vs. Sting: Floggers and Whips and Such - Learn the Basics

Bondage For Lazy Doms: Shibari is gorgeous to look at, but I find that it’s just too time-consuming for me.

The 'Trophy' Boot Print - How to Reward a VERY good submissive

Relationships - Here are some definitions, tips, and advice I’d gotten from other couples I found useful (as well as from personal experience). If this works for you, great! If not, then feel free to ignore it.

The Mirror Technique - The only “dangers” inherent in this technique are those related to triggering or upsetting your submissive. So use this technique with someone you know. DO use this technique on men who enjoy humiliation or degradation.

Tips for Fancy Mummification - I have taught Mummification many times. It’s a lot of fun, and creative too. There are endless amounts of lessons online that teach the basics. The following is merely meant to inspire some creative ideas…

Tips For Verbal - Being verbal during sex is a bit of a challenge for many men. It’s a challenge for me as well. Regardless, there are a few tips for people trying to up their game when it comes to verbal.

A Punishment - I started seeing a new submissive a couple of weeks ago. He is a bit new to the scene, so we had some training to do. We slowly got to the point where he wanted me to take full control of his cock…

Creative Chastity - Find how to make chastity work for you and understand and accept that your chastity play may not look exactly like what’s on tumblr, but is valid nonetheless if it gives you what you want to get out of the experience.

14 Ways to Make a Submissive Feel Exposed - Some of this stuff is public play. Public play can be dangerous (thus the thrill) in the regard that you can get arrested for it. Try some of these at your own risk…

8 Uses for Sweaty Underwear - A chance for a little creativity for my own personal amusement (and of course, yours too dear reader). How many kinky uses can I come up with for my sweaty jocks and briefs?

Training, For a Boy - I feel that there’s some confusion about what training is and what it does for a boy. So I’m going to briefly discuss what training is and is not.

Kinky Playing Without Toys - I recently realized that I have never done an instructional video where I specifically avoid using any form of toys or props. The style of play is subtle, but INTENSE to experience, up close.

Full-Body Orgasms, In Less Than Sixty Seconds. Using Nothing But Your Voice - Long-term training for subs

Training and Protocols for a New Submissive - Another VERY popular article. All of this following advice assumes that the sub wants to be of service, and has lasting value for you… not just a passing, one-night stand...

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