Monday, February 12, 2018

Leaving Marks, on the Ass That Can't Get Enough of 'Em

Paddle made from Cocobolo wood.  These are easy to find.

Click here to watch the instructional video on YouTube.

One of the men that I mentor has had the incredible good luck to find a submissive who adores heavy play on his ass.  Questions arose as a result, and the video is meant to cover those questions.

What conclusions are reached in this video?

- Cocobolo Wood is Best

- A Submissive Who Adores Heavy Play Needs A Collar And A Place Next To You Every Night In Bed.

Trophy Pictures

The following images are "Trophies" for the submissive who has brought pleasure, and earned my respect.  I talk more about this concept here.

Plain old spanking.

One good, hard smack.

Tommy Tomcat, found here.

Clearly, NOT his butt, but this shows what 
marks can result from a Tommy Tomcat.

"PTSM" Singletail Whip, found here.

Cocobolo paddle.

Dragon's Tongue, with Leg Spreader.

Dragon's Tongue Aftermath.

Dragon's Tongue, under black light.

Leather Belt.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Video Review of the "Thumper" Flogger; with Demos

See the Video Demo and Review Here

To learn how to be a high-quality, popular flogging Top, go here.

I review kinky toys periodically.  Mostly, those that pertain to Impact Play, because that is my specialty.  I have recently gotten my hands on a new one, and it excites and pleases me greatly.

It's a classic "mop" flogger, meaning that there are twice the number of tails as usual, but each one is half as wide. This makes for an excellent, all-around "thuddy" flogger.  As I declare in the video, If I were to head off to a sophisticated, advanced-level play-party, and only bring ONE toy, then this is what I would bring.

After over forty years of ever-increasing experience, my heart still belongs to good, high-quality BEGINNER toys, with a maximum of all-around use, which I demonstrate in the video.

This is because I am a mentor for Doms, every day.  Younger folks tend to be underemployed in the current economy, and they shouldn't have to choose between a month of groceries, and a toy.  So, I'm always on the lookout for the best bang for the buck.

A tiny part of my collection.  These are the toys waiting to be broken-in.

My $350 flogger, shown here for comparison, to...  

The $30 Thumper flogger.  I do NOT see $320 worth of difference, in terms of design, durability, balance or usability.

I could go on and on, but watch the video at the top of this article.  I see nothing negative, and a LOT of positive in this toy.  I suspect that I will be awarding a lot of these to fine young rising stars in our Tribe, for years to come.